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Welcome to, DogSoft has been around programming since the early 90's. DogSoft started coding on an Apple IIc computer and now is expanding twards the future wave of programing.


11-20-2016 Been a long time since a page update but the site is undergoing major work. I did finally add a minor page for BladeEd and soon this page should be majorly reconstructed. In the new update all the current pages links may be moved and you will have to follow on the new version.
07-28-2013 Recent update to a glitch found in AppleJuce it has been updated to V0.4.1. You can snag the new version here.
12-31-2012 Happy New Year with BladeEd Version 0.3! Download it here.
12-25-2010 Merry Christmas From DogSoft!

3 New Releases for Christmas. NWCgen, GauntGen and PunchGen. More info is avaliable in the Programs Area.
09-24-2010 Great news from the DogSoft labs. Shortly I will be having a mega release. Some programs have been finished for a few years, 1 I just made V0.5 and is ready for a release which was started in 2006! I am expecting release in a few months. Release will be some new Password Generators and also a new NES Editor long waited to be released. Official release will be listed here and will be posted other places.
01-01-2009 New Editor comming this month for Power Blade for the NES. Should be released in a few weeks.
02-23-2008 AppleJuice V0.4 now released!
12-31-2007 BatDance V0.4 now released! Watch in a few months for a new editor to be released.
02-02-2007 Fixed page errors. There was a new php upgrade and I fixed the issues.
09-30-2006 is now proud to host an Emulator HoboNES. I will be out of town the next 5 days thinking up the new evrsion of which should premer very soon. Watch for the Board comming back plus alot more new features.
07-11-2006 FatCamp V0.4 now released! Watch in a few weeks possibly for BatDance to come out also.
02-19-2006 Late update...been over 1 year. DogSoft is now proud to host The Society of Orion Forums. Also watch shortly soon for DogSoft's Message Board to go back up. Hopefully soon I will finish FatCamp and BatDance 2 new NES Editors. Need to be hosted for a message board? Email me and we can discuss hosting though this server.
09-19-2005 I shutdown the message board due to anying people posting and such. I will plan to reinstall shortly with new admins and such. Also DogSoft is pround to now host the Parrot League. Give it a look if you like playing Magic: The Gathering.
02-10-2005 back up with new pages. Please be paitent as I fix all bugs. If you have an hosted site please pay your dues or I am going to remove your page.
04-12-2004 Currently updating There are somepages that are not active nor complete and they will be fix as soon as possible. Please be patient.
04-??-2004 GNGWin V0.5.2 is releleased with a fix patch for older versions with a corrupt error. Expect a version with an enemy/item editor soon since I just cracked the last info I needed. The new version also fixes the tile editor so you can now paint in the box. If there is any errors still found in this version please email them to
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